Research Finds that Young Type 1 Diabetics Won't Benefit From Metformin

Metformin, a common medication for type 2 diabetics that helps reduce insulin resistance, has gotten quite a buzz lately. Some studies have shown that even non-diabetics (especially those who are overweight) can benefit from taking metformin.

But what about overweight type 1 diabetics? Can metformin benefit them? One new study says overweight teens with type 1 diabetes were not helped by this so-called 'miracle drug.'

The Study

A new study published in JAMA Network Journals said that overweight type 1 diabetic teens don't reap the same benefits from metformin as do overweight type 2 diabetics or non-diabetics. Teens given metformin did not result in weight loss or reductions in body fat, and the metformin failed to aid in the prevention of heart disease or high blood pressure.

What This Means

The American Diabetes Association claims that type 1 diabetics are at risk for cardiovascular problems and are more likely to suffer an early death.

While metformin in other studies has been shown to combat that, it doesn't affect the long-term health of type 1 diabetes teens.

"These results do not support prescribing metformin to adolescents to improve glycemic control," said study authors.

Photo: Diabetes Self Managment